3D-printed canal house

The project is a housing coop developed by Renz Millenaar, Hedwig Heinsman and Marc Koehler, with the help of MKA, Aectual, VRI, DGMR and Nieman.

The project is located in Amsterdam Buiksloterham and offers 4 work lofts of 100-135m2, 2 duplex lofts of 100m2 and 1 studio loft of 50m2. The total gross area is 745m2 with an efficiency rate of 78%. The building is made 100% in CLT and aims to be completed in 2025.

The unique lightweight façade is 3D-printed from 100% recycled Tetrapack PolyAI – which is a mixture of polymers and aluminum – by Aectual, which are shreddable and therefore 100% reusable. Theoretically we could demount the façade and reprint infinitely.

  • Location Amsterdam North
  • Client Renz Millenaar, Hedwig Heinsman, Marc Koehler
  • Year 2023
  • Status In Development
  • Program Housing, offices

“Digital fabrication, information technology and communication technology have come together in the first decade to enable to create unique tailormade design on a large and repetitive scale using 3D-printing, CNC printing, computer generated spray techniques and building information modelling (BIM).

MKA makes real architecture with beautiful tactile details and real materials to give buildings timeless identities and a long lifespan.”

Carlos Moreira, MKA BIM manager