Freedom. Action. Belonging.

Marc Koehler Architects are in the business of bringing people together. We build for the new ways that people want to live.

To do this, MKA takes an analytical, research-by-doing approach to ambitious, original ideas about the future of sustainable urban living. We practice a full range of design disciplines from start to finish: concept, architecture & urban design. We come together to explore smart, responsible ways of building spaces and communities around the world.

MKA are the minds behind,, and MaMa Pioneers. Superlofts is a customisable co-living and development model based on modular and Open Building systems.An ongoing MKA project, Superlofts is a customisable co-living and development model based on modular, prefab and Open Building systems. Superlofts offers its members the freedom to customise or design their homes from scratch incorporating any hybrid function and co-create shared spaces to build a global co-living community.

In 2021 MKA opened shop in Lisbon and initiated EVE. EVE is a creative branding, real estate and design agency currently developing two Regenerative Villages and Ocean Farms: Nomalides, Alentejo and Floram, Porto Brandão.


We should all feel at home in the city.
We just need to feel like we belong.

MKA dares to shape how we live, not just where.
We pioneer urban spaces to draw people together and draw out their potential.

We do it because it’s what people crave.
Because it’s what makes a city truly alive.
And because we can.

Are you in?


Amsterdam Development – RGB group
BPD – Bouwfonds Property Development
Being Development
De Berg Vastgoed
Doniger Urban Developments
Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling BV
ERA Contour
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Zorg vastgoed management BV


BNA Best Dutch Building of the Year (Housing) in 2018
Architectenweb award for Housing in 2018
World Architecture Festival Housing Award 2017 (Completed Buildings)
World Architecture Festival Director’s Special Award in 2017,
World Architecture News Award for Best Housing Project in Europe 2017
Dutch Building Award in 2015
Nomination Rietveldprijs 2020, Blok Y