We’re on Freunde von Freunden

A new exclusive featured interview with our Freunde von Freunden. Where Marc talks about the start of Superlofts, his inspirations and where Superlofts goes next. Discover more below.

“Buildings aren’t just functional
constructions, they have to have
a soul, an identity.”

When Marc Koehler was a child, he loved spending the day drawing on huge sheets of paper. But rather than sketching superheroes or animals, he filled sheet after sheet with tiny homes and apartment buildings.

As an award-winning architect with his own architecture firm, Koehler’s childhood imagined cities have now developed into something far beyond a few lines on scraps of paper. Superlofts, the adaptable design for urban villages, is Koehler’s attempt at changing the future of our cities into an environment that fosters creativity, social cohesion, and a new economic model that doesn’t take our planet and its resources for granted.

Marc wants to build cities of
the future, one flexible, sustainable
community at a time

With new Superlofts plans in cities all around the world, from Groningen to Berlin, Johannesburg, London, New Jersey and Melbourne, Koehler and his team are ready to take their communal, sustainable living concept to a global level. “For us, as architects, Superlofts is a way to gather experience and apply everything we’ve learned to upgrade the world of architecture to a sustainable, fully-circular model,” he explains. “I’m convinced that I can influence and improve cities and societies with the buildings we create and believe architecture can and should always work to change the world for the better.”

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