EnBloc encourages a sense of belonging by engaging five communities to co-create an urban block

The winning entry in a tender – a first in the Netherlands – for a collectively commissioned building, EnBloc contains 80 unique residences, all customised to their owner’s specific needs. With 30 types of lofts, this results in a lively, mixed community of residents. As a collective they co-designed the facade, determined a joint budget   for the shared spaces and co-own the lobby.

In search of beauty: linking contemporary living and building with local building traditions and cultural context. Approach:  Composing playful window patterns following typical iconographic patterns found in Nassaukade and the typical Amsterdam canal house. Using instruments of color contrast, proportion, rhytme, repetition, themes & variation in search for what architect van Gool describes as a “a symphony of windows.”

The project is a collaboration between MKA, Era Contour and BPD.