Robin Wood: Making an island together

Robin Wood is coming to Centrumeiland in IJburg, Amsterdam: a high quality urban block ‘cut from wood’ that embraces a Tiny Forest. A striking beacon that forms a playful, open connection between a lively city street and a pleasant residential neighbourhood. Here a free-living environment is created, where the green invites you to move. The building is like the trees; made of wood, self-sufficient and circular. Its modular construction enables both large and small, flexible reconfigurable and linkable dwellings which are easily adaptable over time. Robin Wood gives something back to the island’s residents and invites them to contribute to their own living environment.

Add new meaning

Robin Wood is a logical addition to the string of beacons on IJburg that give the neighborhood its signature and identity. The building is characterized by a clear formal language, firm plinths, height accents on its corners and a uniform use of materials. In this way a new meaning is added to the series of striking corner buildings on the island. A wooden, split monolith with sculptural roofline as a landmark. Visible from far across the water. In close-up you experience a layered, transparent and refined building. Robin Wood entices passersby to explore and discover the building.

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  • Location Amsterdam, Centrumeiland IJburg, The Netherlands
  • Client Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling
  • Year 2020 - 2024
  • Status In progress
  • Program 165 dwellings in different varieties, public library, retail, offices, flexible workspaces, cafe, studio’s for creatives, city lobby, parking facilities, roof terraces and public gardens with tiny forest
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Core qualities

WOOD – Robin Wood is a circular and biobased building of robust, sustainable materials that match the nature of the site. Using a combination of wood-frame prefabricated CLT in all its manifestations, with recycled aluminum makes it an extremely sustainable and modular building.


TINY FOREST – The Tiny Forest adds a new theme to the palette of public spaces on Center Island. A green habitat that contributes to more exercise and a healthy lifestyle. An attractive environment as a place to stay and to pass through. Residents experience the tranquility of the Tiny Forest at the rear and the expansiveness of the water at the front.


CO-LIVING – The building is the connecting link on Centrumeiland and is an ‘urban village’ in itself. Robin Wood houses numerous shared facilities, allowing residents to come into contact with each other in an informal way. Not only with each other, but also with the neighbourhood, creating a unique form of living together.


COOPERATION – Robin Wood belongs to its residents and entrepreneurs. Together they form a cooperation, based on an innovative development and community concept: MaMa Pioneers. The program with public functions such as a library, an incubator café and flexible workplaces is guaranteed for the long term. ‘Kangaroo units’ that residents can rent in addition to their homes make the building lively and flexible.


FUTURE PROOF – Robin Wood is a very future-proof building. All units can be linked, creating a wide variety of housing types: live/work units, studio flats, larger linked homes and very compact homes. By building modularly on the basis of the Open Building principles, we facilitate maximum flexibility and adaptability. Now and in the future.


NEXT LEVEL PREFAB – Robin Wood is developed from a vertical chain integration. From financing to design and from construction to implementation. It is one collaboration of partners. In this way we minimize risks, keep the concept extremely flexible and allow for rapid, digital prefabrication. Robin Wood largely comes from a factory and is ‘plug & play’. It’s a leading example of unique homes designed and produced in series.