Het Dorp: a plan for an inclusive residential neighbourhood featured on BauNetz

“What is an inclusive neighbourhood? Shouldn’t it be completely normal for people, no matter their circumstance, to live together with and without disabilities? This project in Arnhem in the Netherlands, around 30 kilometers behind the German-Dutch border, could be seen as a step in this direction. Het Dorp – the village – is a collaboration between Koschuch Architects, Marc Koehler Architects (both Amsterdam) and the landscape architects Buro Harro (Arnhem).”

“It is the complete renovation of a residential area in which people with disabilities live independently and at the same time should participate in Arnhem’s urban life. What is interesting is the history of the area, which was created in the 1960s for precisely this purpose. Since then, however, the demands and needs have changed fundamentally, which is why all original buildings have to be replaced. Special attention for the new planning: quality of life, independence, social and spatial sustainability. On behalf of the project developers VanWonen Vastgoedontwikkeling and BPD, the once isolated district is to be transformed into an open and green district that is well integrated into Arnhem’s urban fabric.”

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