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Marc Koehler Architects and @enitorjoiner are teaming up for a special project in The Gambia called Baobab. This collaboration aims to create climate-adaptive, affordable housing for low-income households.

Baobab is a non-profit initiative that combines modular, low-cost living units with a patio garden and a second roof, providing a cool and shaded microclimate for outdoor living while restoring urban habitats.We’re committed to sustainability and future-proof solutions. That’s why we’re focusing on rainwater storage, soil revitalization, and applying permaculture principles. Our goal is to create homes that adapt to the changing climate and evolving lives of its inhabitants.

Inspired by open building principles, we’re passionate about providing affordable, flexible, and climate-adaptive housing options to the local communities that need it the most. In line with this amazing initiative, we’re thrilled to have participated in the MIT Climate Adaptation Challenge, working towards our dream of building a scalable circular Eco Village.

MIT Solve | Resilient Modular Patio House – Overview

If you’re interested in helping or collaborating, please reach out to @enitorjoiner or us!

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