As an ARCAM architect-in-residence, Marc is leading an Open Building agenda to reinvent how we create sustainable and adaptable buildings.

This year, Marc was appointed an architect-in-residence at the Architecture Centre of Amsterdam, where he offered advice to the city of Amsterdam, by encouraging the municipality to adopt Open Building principles. Marc kicked off his ARCAM architect-in-residency with a robust open building discussion at the Tolhuistuin in October. The evening included a panel of designers, developers and policymakers interested in the way we develop and build flexible and sustainable buildings.

Open Buildings are a much needed concept to lower drastically the significant ecological footprint for which the global building industry is responsible; in particular to reduce its production of waste and CO2- emissions by extending the lifespan of buildings and engaging in circular economies. At the same time, Open Buildings support the transition from the consumer society to one based on participation, involvement and inclusion. To read more about the principles of Open Building and the legacy of N.John Habraken, visit the Open Building NL website. 

 Also, visit the ARCAM website to see more of what Marc’s been up to!