MKA nominated as Dutch Architect of the year

We’re very proud to announce that Marc Koehler Architects is nominated for the Dutch Architect of the year 2021, presented by Architectenweb.

The jury about the selection of MKA: “Truly groundbreaking architecture in general and housing in particular in all its conditions, that is the ambition of Marc Koehler Architects. In their projects the residents have a major influence on the layout of their home, and sometimes even co-commission it. But it doesn’t stop there, they want to design timeless resilient homes that are adaptable, future ready and climate proof.”

With these words, the jury has grasped the core of our ambition. At MKA we want to bring people together. We build new ways for people to live. To do this, we take an analytical, research-by-doing approach to ambitious, original ideas about the future of sustainable urban living. We practice a full range of design disciplines from start to finish: branding, interior design, architecture & urban design. We come together to explore smart, responsible ways of building spaces and communities around the world. MKA are the minds behind and MaMa Pioneers.

With a group of Dutch architects, we’ve realized the Open Building concept to extend the lifespan of buildings significantly, to lowering the ecological footprint and to create healthy communities. Open Buildings are flexible, adaptable, circular and resilient. With distinct architecture, they contribute to a dynamic urban context. The infill is co-created with future residents to encourage and consolidate inclusion and belonging.

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