Building Beyond Boundaries: Reinvent, Regenerate, Revel

Marc: Architect, Innovator, Entrepreneur. After achieving success with MKA Amsterdam, Marc made a strategic decision in 2020 to set up a multidisciplinary atelier in Lisbon  seamlessly integrating architectural design, real estate development and branding. With MKA Amsterdam now operating as a BIM-centric architecture firm under trusted associates, Marc’s Portuguese pursuits grew and EVE was born as a creative impact community and development platform of around the future of regenerative living and hospitality in Portugal. Furthering his vision, Marc undertook a regeneration project of an Ocean farm at Meco, the Floram Ocean Farm & village project in Porto Brandão in Caparica and the Nomalides Dunes and Ocean Orchard project located in Melides at the Alentejo coast. EVE are currently exploring partnerships and collaborations in developing Floram Porto Brandão further. Feel free to drop us a line.

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