“One of the biggest catalysts for the idea was the 2008 financial crash, which saw almost all conventional development completely frozen.

It was this that prompted Dutch architect Marc Koehler to launch his own DIY home company. Superlofts offers buyers a two-storey space with only basic amenities like electricity and plumbing. Upper level apartments are priced higher, to make the lower level ones affordable for first-time buyers.”

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Bare, basic and brutalist. These words aren’t exactly what one would usually use to describe his or her home. Yet for many modern cities where housing has become a crisis, this kind of architecture is now being tapped as the next best solution. In the past few years, developers have started to build with the middle class in mind. The need to develop homes for the average income earners has become evident especially in the world’s most expensive cities. Designed between social housing and luxury apartments, these homes would have to be affordable yet of quality. In response to this growing need for middle-class housing, two developers have gone back to the basics. Superlofts and the Naked House offer homeowners bare structure and shelter. The features are hardly what people would dream of living with, but the essentials are there. Touted as flexible and affordable, the projects are garnering attention and accolades.

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