Peak Noorderplassen frames stunning, uninterrupted views of the lake.

Peak Noorderplassen is a winning tender in Almere, designed by Marc Koehler Architects. The project is carefully positioned to enhance its park- and lake-side setting. Its sculptural stepped form and timber exterior connect to the neighbouring low buildings and the green surroundings. The landscape permeates the building through the open ground floor lofts and a large void which frames views and doubles as a sheltered communal space. Superlofts Noorderplassen is designed as an Open Building with integrated circular technologies and flexible apartments that can be personalised and adapted over time.

Superlofts Peak is designed according to the principles of Open Building. The carrier (base building) and installation (infill) are separated, making the building resilient and easily adaptable over time. The knowledge and experience of MKA and Superlofts has been used to develop an extremely flexible base building. Occupants have the opportunity to choose between three layouts; an open floor plan with unobstructed views of the entire space; a loft plan with a void and double height space; or an optimal plan which can meet the growing needs of a young family, by being able to add an extra bedroom, guest room or art and yoga room. Tall spaces, with plenty of daylight, wide views and lush green roof gardens make living here feel spacious and relaxed.

The design is highly committed to sustainable ambitions. An integral circular vision is created, as the building has an EPC of -0.05 and a commitment to using 80% renewable materials. The full wooden façade contributes to this, as does the concrete shell, which is made of recycled concrete. Insulation of recycled textile material is used in the facade as well as integrated PV panels. Meanwhile, the green roofs reduce the heating of the building, absorb rainwater and contribute to local biodiversity. 

The location of the project at only 25 km from the city of Amsterdam and in direct relation with schools and daycares in the area. Peak is the perfect combination of living in a holiday surrounding, while having the opportunity to go to school or work easily. Station Amstel and Amsterdam Arena are reachable in less than 30 min and the bus stop is right next to the building.

Peak offers the perfect work-life balance by creating a community in which all the inhabitants can meet and use the BOAT house. This is the space where bbq’s and birthdays can be organised. There is also outdoor showers where you can pass by after surfing, an outdoor kitchen to make dinners with your friends and a large open terrace to play and enjoy the sunny park side!

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  • Location Almere, The Netherlands
  • Client Self initiated together with Casa 23
  • Year 2018 - ongoing
  • Status Under development
  • Program Housing
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