Poppies will thrive as a resilient community development and showcase for cross-laminated timber construction

Like the wild poppy, a pioneer species that thrives on challenging (urban) sites, Poppies will develop as a beautiful yet resilient community development. As a showcase for circular design, this experimental mixed-use development functions as a ‘Rainproof’ urban oasis – featuring an extensive roof garden and orchard – and a hub for upcycling and smart energy.

Poppies is an urban oasis and a social hub in a former industrial district transforming into a lively neighbourhood. It consists of four buildings grouped around an inner courtyard and garden. These are interconnected by galleries which link the lofts, roof terraces and communal spaces. Poppies sows the seeds for a new shared-living concept in the mid-rental segment that is circular in the broadest sense.

Poppies loves nature lovers
The inclusion of nature in the design offers a profound sense of homecoming and wellbeing for busy citizens. Tenants can recover and re-energise in comfortable and quiet loft studios overlooking an aromatic silent courtyard garden. The sunny green roof deck with urban farming has a henhouse and beehives. On the roof there is also a pavilion where tenants can meet, eat, relax, do yoga or an outdoor workout.

Modest climate
Poppies is a nature inclusive building with vertical gardens irrigated by a water retention system. It also cools the building naturally, even in dry hot summers. It offers a home to bats, birds and insects. Domestic waste composting is used as natural soil fertiliser.
The beneficial effect of overlooking nature is known, but greenery also contributes to the absorption of sound, particulate matter and heat.

Ready for a better future
The design of Poppies pushes sustainability standards to the max. Poppies is entirely composed of prefabricated timber modules which reduce the duration and carbon footprint of construction.
The building is net positive meaning that it produces more electricity than it requires by the use of solar and geothermal power. It is also carbon neutral meaning that 80% of the building materials are renewable, biobased, recyclable or reusable. Poppies yields a significant positive contribution to the emerging circular economy.

  • Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Client MaMa Pioneers, Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling BV
  • Year 2018 - ongoing
  • Status Under development
  • Program Entrance with locker wall, exhibition space, kitchen, lounge, co-work, laundry, makerspace, roof and inner gardens, urban farming, rooftop pavilion and terrace with outdoor gym and kitchen, mobility hub with shared bicycles and cars.
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