“A new generation of architects are searching for radical flexibility.” MKA featured in FD Persoonlijk Magazine

“Marc Koehler is the ambassador of Open Building.co.  For years, the architect has been pushing for buildings to have more adaptive capacities. Buildings whose walls and installations are not cast-in-concrete, but can be moved and adapted overtime. Six of his Superlofts are now in Amsterdam, Delft and Utrecht. They are residential blocks with loft apartments that have no walls. They vary in size from 30-200 square metres. Residents can customise and tailor their loft how they like. In the Superlofts, no apartment is the same. The only similarity, is that every loft is easy to transform, In this way, Superlofts challenge the idea of buildings being a static unit that remain as they are until the day they no longer satisfy demand.”

“Open building extends the lifespan of buildings so that they can adapt to changing lifestyles,” says Koehler, “just like the Amsterdam canal houses, which have also held various functions for 400 years. Or the old factories, which have been developed into artists’ studios, loft homes or business premises.”

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