Redevelopment of ‘Het Dorp’, a residential neighbourhood where people with disabilities can live independently

Koschuch architects, Marc Koehler Architects and Buro Harro have designed the winning proposal for the redevelopment of ‘Het Dorp,’ a residential neighbourhood in Arnhem where people with disabilities can live independently and at the same time be part of the city life of Arnhem. In collaboration with BPD and van Wonen this location will be transformed to an inclusive neighbourhood with special attention to quality of life, self-reliance and social and spatial sustainability. Living outside and experiencing nature are the core qualities of the design, and co-living and community concepts bring people together at different scales.

Het Dorp is located in the forest of ​​Arnhem-Noord. It was founded almost 60 years ago and has since become a concept for many people of the Netherlands. It was the first residential community in the Netherlands where people with disabilities can live independently. As the demand for care is always subject to change, the facilities of Het Dorp are outdated and no longer fit the current needs.

Visualisations by : Proloog

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