Four-part documentary about Jakoba Mulderhuis

The new Jakoba Mulderhuis in Amsterdam is a theatre for learning. Together with Powerhouse Company and de Architekten Cie. we designed this new building for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) that concentrates on being future-proof, sustainable, and visible. In this four-part documentary, all team members talk about the specifics of the project.

Part 1: Expansion of the Amstel campus with the Jakoba Mulderhuis

With Hanneke Reuling (AUAS), Esther Ras (AUAS) and Gerard Kuiper (AUAS).

Part 2: Jakoba Mulderhuis: Educational theatre of the future

With Marc Koehler (MKA), Stefan Prins (Powerhouse Company) and Pi de Bruijn (de Architekten Cie.).

Part 3: Jakoba Mulderhuis: A new way of building

With Andrew Page (de Architekten Cie.), Timo Tuithof (Visser & Smit Bouw) and Norbert Hagedoorn (Unica).

Part 4: Jakoba Mulderhuis: A Gesamtkunstwerk

With Odette Ex (Ex Interiors), Ellen Schild (Studio Groen+Schild) and Stefan Prins (Powerhouse Company).