Together with MEI, MKA has designed a 95M tower with a unique bicycle concept

Together with Mei architects and planners, Marc Koehler Architects designs tower E of SPOT; a large-scale redevelopment of Bullewijk office park in Amsterdam Southeast. SPOT will be a new, cosmopolitan neighborhood with an Amsterdam character. The masterplan was designed by KAAN Architecten.

Tower E, a robust residential tower, is the only SPOT building with an atrium in the low-rise building.  Mei and MKA have integrated a unique bicycle concept directly at this atrium as the beating heart of the building; the so-called Bikeparc. The Bikeparc contributes to the vibrancy of the building, acts as the connecting factor of the community, and promotes healthy living, by making it easier to take the bike every day.

The Bikeparc, consisting of four layers of stacked bicycle parking, is the heart of the low-rise building. There will be assigned places to park the bicycle, but there will also be room for special shared bicycles, such as electric bicycles for when you really want to cycle far or large cargo bicycles, for example to go to the hardware store without having to own a car. Comfortable ramps and bicycle lifts provide excellent accessibility and residents of the low-rise buildings can literally park their bikes in front of the door. This creates a socially safe and pleasant garage. This concept also leaves room in the plinth of the building to really activate it with a residential program and facilities. A bicycle bar at the entrance of the atrium is a great meeting place for a cup of coffee or a repair on your bicycle. The bar will have a large glass wall at the entrance to the atrium, which at the same time serves as a lantern for the courtyard in the evenings, thereby contributing to social safety. Opposite the bicycle bar there will be a sharing wall, where the community can share tools, books, and toys with each other.

The innovative concept has been recently featured on architectenweb and Read more about the project here.