Co-Create. Liberate.

What if buildings weren’t designed to contain life – but to set it free? MKA aims to set lives in motion. Design has the power to help people create the life of their dreams. That’s why we create our buildings with them. Together, we discover and enable new possibilities for living, working, learning, and growing. Our buildings are future ready – to be tailored and changed over time.

It takes a village to raise a city.

Cities are where most of us will be spending our lives. And we know its paradox – the more people, the more alone we feel. We yearn for a village feeling, for social connection beyond our doorstep. MKA wants people to feel at home, and part of something greater. By helping communities to take shape, we can inspire people to help each other.

Building Belonging

For a space to be welcoming, we should feel it. It should pull us in with open arms. MKA designs speak to the senses, bridging together opposites to create new beauty with timeless warmth. Our buildings invite people to touch and change them, to make them their very own.

Designing for the whole picture

How can we make the most of a building? It’s impossible to know until we explore the soul of a place. MKA breaks the mould with the bigger picture in mind. To do this, we go deep – learning by doing to discover how people really use their spaces. We harness the flow of nature, people, energy, material and capital. Each situation revealing new ways to restore the balance between people and planet.